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Mr Righ Across The Street by Kathryn Freeman

I was in need of a feel good book, full of romance, and cute characters and I found all of that with this book.

Thank you Netgalley and Harper Collins for sending me this book in exchange of a review.

(this does not affect my review, I will always told you if I didn’t like a book)


Mia Abbott’s move to Manchester was supposed to give her time and space from all the disastrous romantic choices she’s made in her past. But then the hot guy who lives opposite – the one who works out every day at exactly 10 a.m., not that Mia has noticed thank-you-very-much – starts leaving notes in his window…for her.

Bar owner Luke Doyle has his own issues to deal with but as he shows Mia the sites of her new city he also shows her what real romance looks like for the first time. And when he cooks up a signature cocktail in her honour, she realises that the man behind the bar is even more enticing than any of his creations. And once she’s had a taste she knows it will never be enough!

The characters are so cute

First the cover is adorable and full of good vibes, that’s what gave me the need to read this book. (Also I wanted a cute story between all the thriller reading.)

Luke and Mia, the main characters, are absolutely adorable. Mia, a geek, strong and intelligent woman who doesn’t care about what people think of her and dresses the way she wants, is new to Manchester, she doesn’t know anyone. Luke, the sexy barman, lives there since many years. At first it’s difficult to understand how these two will end up together, but I assure you that they are perfect (because obviously you know at first that they will end up together, I mean it’s a rom-com ^^)

I love how their story started, with cute messages on the windows. And the thing I like the most with this book is that FINALLY I found a rom-com where the character of which the woman is falling in love with, is not a typical stereotype that you find EVERYWHERE these days : a rich, narcissistic, rude and mean man, who appears to have a troubled past that can explain why he is so horrible with relationships. ERG I hate this type of characters. With this book I was really happy to find that Luke, even if he is described as a hot guy and a player at first, is much more than that.

I also really like the other characters, Stan is really appealing, Mia’s sister is funny, and Luke’s friends are interesting.

A really good rom-com, if you want to escape the reality of 2020-2021, or if you want, like me, to read something cute between two dark books, this one is PERFECT!

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